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Welcome to BoomMath

The first collaborative tool that allows students to organize and improve their math literacy through writing and sharing their ideas. BoomMath unleashes your students’ creativity as they apply their understanding of math concepts and terms to the real world.

  • Improve understanding
  • Improve retention
  • Increase engagement
  • Encourage discourse

Let BoomMath be the barometer of your class's confidence level.

The application has a polling function that lets students give feedback on how they are feeling about what they are learning in your math class.

Help students develop reasoning and build mathematical communication.

NCTM April 13 2015

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BoomMath is based on the Award-Winning BoomWriter platform

Over 500,000 users across over 90 countries have used BoomWriter to inject engagement and collaboration in the writing process. Classrooms around the world have produced thousands of published books using the unique BoomWriter process and now it is the turn for Math classes.

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Integrates with any Math curriculum...
CCSS High School Math out of the box!

Walch Math has been educating students for over 80 years with its award winning curriculum. When you choose BoomMath you will also get math prompts for writing projects aligned to the standards in your classroom.

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